We've set out below a list of common equipment used by competitive swimmers. Not all equipment is required for every swimmer, and your child’s coach will tell you exactly what your swimmer needs.


  • Goggles: Swimmers use goggles to protect their eyes from the chlorine as well as to gain a clear view of their surroundings in the pool. There are a variety of colors and styles depending on the preference of the swimmer. Goggles range from $7 – $30.
  • Cap: Caps are designed to keep hair out of the swimmer's face and goggle straps in place. Caps range from $4 - $20.
  • Practice Suit: Practice suits are used during workouts. They are created with a stronger material for durability. Some may create extra drag to make the workout more challenging. Women’s practice suits range from $30 - $100.  Men's practice suits range from $20 - $50.
  • Fins: Fins are a device that fit on a swimmer's feet to increase kicking speed during practice. Fins range from $20 – $50.


  • Mesh Bag: A mesh bag is used by swimmers to hold their training equipment. Mesh bags range from $6 - $20.
  • Kickboard: A kickboard is a floating device used by swimmers during practice to enhance their kicking skills.  Kickboards range from $7 - $25. (Available for use at practice)
  • Paddles: Paddles are a plastic device placed on a swimmer's hands during practice. to add resistance to the pulling phase of the stroke. There are a variety of paddles available, depending on the purpose of the pulling drill. Speak to your child's coach to ensure you purchase the most appropriate paddles.  Paddles range from $8 - $20.
  • Pull Buoy: A pull-buoy sits between the swimmer's legs to enhance body position during a pull set when the swimmer is not kicking. Pull buoys range from $7 – $12.
  • Racing Suit: Introductory swimmers may wear the same suit in which they, only a little bit tighter.  As a swimmer advances to the higher (faster) stages, you may consider purchasing a racing suit which is considerably tighter and beads off water.  An entry level racing suit can be a few hundred dollars.


  • Competition Suit: Competition suits are used during meets. There are a number of brands and styles, depending on a swimmers preference and body type.
    • Women’s competition suits range from $85 – $650.  
    • Men's suits range from $35 - $500.

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