$200.00 per session

The Tiger Sharks:

$700 + $200 Fundraising Tickets

The Hammerhead Sharks:

$900 + $200 Fundraising Tickets

The Mako Sharks:

$1100 + $200 Fundraising Tickets

Swim Ontario Fees: please note that these fees are set by Swim Ontario. The fees are based on age as of December 31, 2014.  The 2015-2016 fees are not yet available from Swim Ontario. Fees will be available by September registrations dates. The following are 2014-2015 fees to provide you with an idea of cost.

Sessional $42.90

8 and under $80.89

9-10 $100.89

11-14 $120.89

15 and older $140.89

Swim Meet Fees: The parent/guardian understands and agrees to pay the fees for swim meets and any transportation or accommodation fees associated with swim meets in which his/her child participates after receiving and agreeing upon notification of swim meet.

Withdrawal: The parent/guardian understands and agrees that should a registered swimmer withdraw from the club, the total club fee (includes registration and fund raising fee) will be refunded on an eight month pro-rated basis. Refunds will be calculated on the basis of full months remaining 30 days after written notice has been given to the Executive of the swimmers withdrawal. The Swim Ontario Fee will not be refunded. No refunds are given to swimmers who withdraw after December 31, 2015.

Officiating: One parent/guardian agrees to take an officiating course this season. Our club needs to be in compliance with Swim Ontario in order to host swim meets.

Home Swim Meets: The parent/guardian agrees to help the club host successful meets throughout the year by participating in officiating/volunteering. The ISS parents/guardians are responsible for providing food to feed all volunteers, swimmers and coaches at our Aqua 7 meets.

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