Safety Assistance Protocol

(as of September 2014)

To all parents who attend their child(ren)'s swim practice(s)…

It is extremely rare that an emergency occurs during any swim practice.  However, to remain vigilant we ask that you read and comply with the following:

All practices are staffed with coaches who are Royal Lifesaving trained and NLS certified. However in the event of an emergency additional assistance is welcomed and encouraged.

A few guidelines...

1) During practices coaches are acting as instructors and lifeguards.  To minimize distraction, please refrain from speaking with coaches during the practice session.  

2) On a very rare occasion a coach may have to clear the pool and tend to a swimmer. In that event, a coach may ask for assistance from bystanders.  If there is a need to call emergency medical services (EMS), please note that all pool decks are equipped with a 'hotline' red phone directly connected to EMS. This is the phone that should be used. On the wall beside the phone, is a list of information to give to the dispatch officer. 

Note: Some pools have poor cell reception, so your cell should not be counted on.  That said if you have good reception and it’s faster using a cell, use it.

3) Wait outside for EMS to arrive and help direct the medical staff to the pool.

4) Please be sure ISS has the most up to date medical information on file for your child(ren).  Coaches have a copy of this at each practice.

5) Please be sure we have your most up to date contact information on file.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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