The Ingersoll Speed Sharks (ISS) is a competitive swimming team with the Ontario Section of Swimming/Natation Canada (SNC). No action will be undertaken by the Ingersoll Speed Sharks (ISS) which is contrary to the By-Laws or Policies and Procedures of Swim Canada’s or Swim Ontario’s.


Mission Statement

The Ingersoll Speed Sharks are dedicated to the growth and development of all aspects of the individual swimmer within a positive team atmosphere.

The objectives of the club are:

a. To foster the development of competitive swimming in the Ingersoll area.

b. To promote swimming as a means of healthy exercise and as a means for improving the physical fitness of our youth.

c. To promote the development of good citizenship and a good sportsmanship through participation in amateur swimming.


3.1 Eligibility

All individuals who apply that can swim 1 continuous length of a 25 meter pool freestyle will be accepted. Restrictions may occur due to capacity and coach staff allotments. The Executive reserves the right to provide opportunities to previously enrolled swimmers and their family members.

3.2 Swimming Natation Canada

All swimmers will, other than during a brief trial period of two weeks, become members of Swimming /Natation Canada (SNC).

3.3 Fees

Only swimmers who have paid the Ingersoll Speed Sharks (ISS) membership fee are allowed to practice and participate in meets. Swimmers in arrears of more than thirty (30) days of meet fees will not be registered for any other meets.

3.3 Suspension or Termination

The Executive has the authority to suspend or terminate membership provided disciplinary procedures have been implemented.


4.1 The Executive shall consist of the following voting members:

4.1.1 President – elected

4.1.2 Vice-President – elected

4.1.3 Treasurer – elected

4.1.4 Secretary - elected

4.1.5 Coach Representative – Head Coach

4.1.6 Officials Representative – Appointed by President

4.1.7 Original Officers of the incorporation who do not hold voting Executive positions and are registered members with the Ingersoll Speed Sharks (ISS)

4.2 Election of the Executive officers shall be conducted at the Annual General Meeting of parents of swim team members in good standing. The terms of all elected executive officers shall be for two (2) years. All efforts will be made to limit the change of Executive to not exceed 50% in any given year.

4.3 President’s responsibilities

4.3.1 The President shall preside at all general and executive meetings.

4.3.2 The President shall call meetings as may be required.

4.3.3 The President shall appoint non-voting committee members of the Executive. These members may include but are not restricted to Hospitality Coordinator, Fund Raising Coordinator, Registrar and Officials Co-ordinator.

4.3.4 The President shall be a signing officer

4.3.5 The President shall perform such duties as normally are the functions of a President of such an organization.

4.3.6 To carry a vote at meetings for the purpose of breaking ties.

4.4 Vice President’s Responsibilities

4.4.1 The Vice President shall act as President when the President is absent

4.4.2 To carry a vote at meetings

4.4.3 Carry out duties as assigned by the President

4.4.4 To fulfill any Executive position not filled temporarily or for the season duration.

4.5 Secretary’s Responsibilities

4.5.1 Attend and act as recording secretary at all Executive and General Meetings

4.5.2 Maintain Ingersoll Speed Sharks (ISS) files /meeting minutes

4.5.3 To carry a vote at meetings

4.6 Treasurer’s Responsibilities

4.6.1 Collect all monies belonging to the team (accounts receivable)

4.6.2 Make payment of all accounts (accounts payable)

4.6.3 The Treasurer will be one of the signing officers

4.6.4 Provide a financial statement at each meeting

4.6.5 Accomplish other duties as assigned by the President

4.6.6 To carry a vote at meetings

4.7 Coaches Representative Responsibilities

4.7.1 Provide input on behalf of all coaches on their needs or equipment requirements for the development of ISS swimmers

4.7.2 Development and training of coaching staff

4.7.3 Coaches compliance with rules and regulations

4.7.4 To carry a vote at meetings

4.8 Officials Representative Responsibilities

4.8.1 Provide training recommendations to the Executive members and implement the agreed upon recommendations

4.8.2 Accomplish other duties as assigned by the President

4.8.3 Responsible for ISS compliance status with Swim Ontario regarding officials

4.8.4 Responsible for relaying and updating the Executive of Swim Ontario and or Swim Canada’s Officials information.

4.8.5 To carry a vote as meetings

4.9 Replacement of Executive members (abdiction, removal) will require a vote from currently participating families. Families representing one-third of the swim current membership are required with a quorum of 50% plus 1.

4.10 Executive Resignation and /or Removal

4.10.1 An Executive member other than the President may resign with one (1) month’s written notice to the President. Should the President resign, two (2) month’s written notice to the Executive is required.

4.10.2 In the event of a vacancy by resignation or removal, the membership will receive notice within fourteen (14) days of the action and a vote will be held within thirty (30) days of that notice.

4.10.3 An Executive member may be removed from office by a resolution of the Board, provided the member has been given notice of and the opportunity to be present and to be heard at the meeting of the Board where a resolution is put to a vote. An Executive member may also be removed by Special Resolution of the members passed at a General Meeting where such a Special Resolution is put to a vote. Such a Special Resolution to remove an Executive member must be proposed by 1/3 of club members.

4.10.4 An Executive member who fails to attend four consecutive Executive meetings without good cause shall cease to be a member of the Executive without need for following the direction in 4.10.3.

5.0 Executive Meetings

5.1 The Executive shall meet as often as necessary or as called by the President but no less than every 90 days.

5.2 The President or designate shall chair the Executive meetings and shall have a deciding vote in case of a tie.

5.3 Executive quorum shall be 50% plus 1. Votes on issues shall be 50% plus one of the Executive committee regardless of the quorum.

5.4 The Executive may use electronic means to register a vote but the results must be recorded in the minutes of the Executive Meeting immediately following the vote.

5.5 To ensure timeliness on certain issues, the President may call for an ad hoc meeting of Executive committee members. In the case of an ad hoc meeting, the results of the meeting shall be recorded in the next Executive Meeting minutes.

6.0 Committee Members

6.1 Appointments to committees will be the responsibilities of the Ingersoll Speed Sharks (ISS) Executive.

6.2 The Executive will assign the responsibilities of the committee

7.0 7.1 General meetings must be called annually to elect the Ingersoll Speed Sharks (ISS)

Executive. The President may call additional general meetings.

7.2 General meetings are open to families of registered swimmers and designated

Executives. Both groups have the right to vote. Votes at general meetings are allotted on the basis of one vote per registered family.

8.0 Finance

8.1 Ingersoll Speed Sharks (ISS) membership fee will be assessed by the Executive

8.2 The financial year of Ingersoll Speed Sharks (ISS) will be September 1st to August 31st

8.3 Two (2) signing officers shall sign the cheques, Treasurer and President.

9.0 Amendment Of Constitution

The constitution may be amended at any Ingersoll Speed Sharks (ISS) general meeting by a majority of the registered families in attendance on the day of the vote.

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