This procedure covers anyone participating in Swim Ontario sanctioned activities.  Individuals can and typically will be subject to the provisions of more than one code simultaneously (please see Swimming Canada, athlete club, tour teams and more).   This procedure defines the appropriate actions and conduct of people participating in a Swim Ontario sanctioned activity.  Although other organizations may have their own conduct standards this is the minimum expectation of Swim Ontario.

This procedure supports Swim Ontario’s Risk Management policy.


1. The following terms have these meanings in this Policy:

a. “Individuals” – All categories of Membership within the Swim Ontario, as per the Swim Ontario Bylaws, as well as all individuals engaged in activities with Swim Ontario, including but not limited to, clubs, athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, managers, administrators, directors and officers of Swim Ontario, and parents/guardians of Swim Ontario Registrants.


2. The purpose of this Code of Conduct and Ethics ("Code") is to ensure a safe and positive environment within Swim Ontario programs, activities and events, by making all individuals aware that there is an expectation at all times of appropriate behavior consistent with the values of Swim Ontario as set out in Section 3 below.

3. Swim Ontario is committed to providing an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect. Individuals are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner consistent with the values of Swim Ontario that include fairness, integrity, open communication and mutual respect.   

4. Conduct that violates this Code may be subject to sanctions pursuant to Swim Ontario’s policies related to discipline and complaints.

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